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Friday, 27 January 2017

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Amil Peer, one of the most experienced astrologist in Pakistan, is known for his wazaif for farakh-e-rizq. The utmost help one can offer to humanity is in the form of Islamic preaching’s and guidance. Amil peer’s exemplary service towards the humanity includes, one of the services of farakhi-e-rizq.
Every believer needs to understand Almighty’s plan for his creatures. Allah has promised the man kind of their rizq and earnings. There are various different duas, hadith proving that Allahs plan for every person’s earning is all well-defined and been taken care off. The human beings tend to get disappointed at early stage without knowing the test in life is undertaken, when Allah sends his wrath upon someone in any way. Not being able to earn much is one of the wraths Allah has on a person which can be taken care of by the teachings of Islam.

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More often, there comes a time in our lives when we get stuck in some sort of situation where our mind finds no way to get out of it. Such times make us unable to, think properly and in this particular situation we refer to a person or any institution that is considered to be an expert in this regard, who would give us the best possible advice.Muslims have strong belief that no one is as knowledgeable as Allah or Prophet (p.b.u.h)
So being Muslims we should always seek guidance from Allah Almighty in making decisions based on rightful judgment that is only possible through the help of creator of the universe. As Qura’an says, “And your Lord says “call upon me I will respond to you. (40:60)
Istikhara can be practiced for problems of all sorts, seeking help guidance or advice from Allah. If you are not having the capability to think straight on any of the situation you might be in to, Istikhara will guide you through to it.
Life is uncertain. If you are having doubts about certain things in your life, for example choosing the right partner, moving out of city, or anything that is making you confused could be sorted out through the means of istikhara.
Istikhara is generally carried out for Marriages. Out of family marriages require complete background check and all the necessary info of the family you are about to get engaged in. so the Istikhara solution is one solution which means getting advice from Allah through someone who is pious enough to hold such knowledge and purity to carry out this Allahs work for the humanity
You will find many people who claim to be the best at Istikhara, but only one of Allahs most knowledgeable and pious persons are really the right ones to sike guidance through.

It has always been a prior conviction for all the important muslims personalities to do istikhara before going for any important task. We should also follow this sunnah in order to get rid of problems. Alim Peer has been serving humanity for many years. Amil SK Jaferi offer to do istikhaara regarding all your problems in the light of Qura’an and sunnah.
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